Tips for Home Selling November 30, 2017

Tips For Home Selling: 5 Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

Make sure you pay attention to these 5 tips to make sure your home sale during the holidays is a success. 

  1. Warm & Cozy. The holidays are about home & family so pay attention to your buyer’s experience when they arrive at your home. Help them feel welcome by having the heat up when they come in from the cold, greet them with holiday scents of fresh baked cookies and apple cider or cocoa, have your gas fireplace going and all of the lights on.

  3. Move-in Ready. People moving during the holidays don’t want to have to do projects during Christmas break. Have your home pre-inspected, all major or health & safety items repaired, and make sure it is sparkling clean – so all they have to do is Move In!

  5. Market What Buyers Can’t See. Do you have a beautiful garden – put out pictures that show how it looks in bloom in the summer. Do you have a great view when it isn’t raining – post a picture next to the window where you would see it. Do you live next to a great trail system, park, lake, etc. have a feature card that tells buyers about it.

  7. Holiday Decorations – Go ahead and decorate – but focus on emphasizing the beauty of your home. Lights to show off the roof line or outdoor area, a tree in that perfect spot in the house with a super high ceiling, etc. Don’t go overboard with holiday decorations – they make it look cluttered and take attention away from your home. Don’t be political, limit or avoid personal or religious decorations, remember that you want your home to appeal to people of all backgrounds and beliefs and they need to be able to see themselves in your home – not you.

  9. Safety – Make sure your driveway & walk ways a clear of snow, ice or debris and your outside lights are on. Do not display your holiday gifts – pack them away in a box or out of site.  Make sure all your windows & doors are locked after showings.

Now be prepared to move to your new home and enjoy your holiday!

Real Estate Corner (Article published in the Woodinville Weekly 11/28/17 edition)