Tips for Home Selling February 9, 2018

Home Selling Tips | 4 Ways To Make Your Home Stand Out From The Crowd

Its all over the news that the local real estate market is slowing down – whether it really is for your home and neighborhood is something you should talk to your Broker about.  The economic forces of supply & demand vary not only by city but by neighborhood, home style, and home condition. In a balanced market, it is even more important that you get good advice and you make sure your home stands out from the competition to ensure that you sell quickly and at its highest price.  Here are 4 ways you can make your home stand out.

  1. Sales Preparation: First impressions count – the prospective buyers who look at your home in the first 2 weeks are willing to pay the most for your home, so don’t come on until your home is ready! Depending on your home and budget, sales preparation can include everything from making sure everything is crisp and clean, to painting, repairing, and updating areas that will bring you the most resale value.

  3. Professional Photography: Yes, professional photography makes a difference – don’t even consider working with a Broker who takes their own pictures! Professional photographers use wide angle lenses that better represent the size of the room, they use high definition so the quality is better, they use multiple exposures so you can see both inside and outside of the home (through the windows), the lighting is always better, and they understand how to frame the pictures to show off your home not the furnishings.

  5. Professional Photography Extras: Depending on your home’s location and property features – your home may really benefit by having Floor plans Drawn, Aerial Photos, Twilight photos, 360-MatterPort tours, Lifestyle pictures etc. An equestrian property should have photos of the pastures & fencing (with a horse in the frame), etc.

  7. Targeted Advertising:  Who is the target buyer for your home – car enthusiasts, garden club hopefuls, gourmet chefs, entertainers, investors, 1st time home buyers, or outdoor enthusiasts who need a low maintenance house & yard since they are never home but want lots of storage for their outdoor “toys” etc… Make sure the wording that describes your home and property helps buyers envision their life in your house. Marketing isn’t just listing how many beds, baths, and other rooms your home has – every listing includes that information.


Article Published in the Woodinville Weekly Real Estate Section. Since 2017 The Blue Team has written the bi-monthly Real Estate Column sharing their expertise in this community publications. Sharing their Tips for Home Buying, Tips for Home Selling, Tips for Investors, Buying & Selling Luxury Homes, Real Estate Transitions (Including Relocation & Senior Real Estate Tips), and Equestrian Real Estate.