Tips for Home Selling April 9, 2019

Tips for Home Selling: 5 Staging Tips To Maximize Your Sales Price

National statistics show that staged homes sell for 7% higher than homes that aren’t staged.  This is because staged homes sell in less time and are more likely to have multiple offers. Here are 5 staging tips to maximize your sales price.

    1. Clean & Crisp.Whether your home is updated or not, people want to move into a home that has some basic move in ready features: windows that sparkle, professionally cleaned carpets, clean floors, bathrooms with fresh grout & caulk. Make sure your home smells clean too – the saying in real estate is You can’t sell it, if you can smell it! This applies to pet smells, lingering cooking smells, damp/musty smells – ask someone else to tell you honestly if your home smells.


    1. De-personalize.
      Remove family pictures, religious artifacts, trophies and persona memorabilia. There are 3 reasons to do this: (1) you want people to imagine themselves living in the house – all of your personal stuff makes it your house; (2) you want the home to appeal to every prospective buyer – they may have different religious or political views and you want to make them feel welcome; (3) protect your precious items from damage or theft by having it safely packed away.


    1. De-Clutter.
      In order for photos of your home to look their best – your home needs to lose some “visual weight” by removing all of the extra stuff in your home.  People need be able to see your home – the floors, the built-in shelving, the light fixtures, the counters – remember they aren’t purchasing your things.  If they like what they see in the pictures they will come tour your home and have the chance to really fall in love with it.


    1. Show off your home’s unique value.
      Staging and marketing a home is about making sure that prospective buyers see and know why your home is better than other homes on the market and why they should get their offer in quickly and for the highest price.  Draw attention to the view, the privacy, the 1-story accessibility, the peace & quiet, the walkability to shops & restaurants, the equestrian features, the fabulous flow for entertaining, the RV parking – whatever differentiates your home.


  1. First Impressions Matter.
    The market is moving quickly, buyers have to make quick decisions.  Don’t bring your home on the market until you are ready – because you often won’t get a second chance.  Right now, depending on the price point, if your home sits on the market more than 2 weeks, buyers wonder what’s wrong with it and that can really hurt your final sales price.


Article Published in the Woodinville Weekly Real Estate Section. Since 2017 The Blue Team has written the  Real Estate Column sharing their expertise in this bi-monthly community publications, sharing their Tips for Home Buying, Tips for Home Selling, Tips for Investors, Buying & Selling Luxury Homes,  Real Estate Transitions (Including Relocation & Senior Real Estate Tips), and Equestrian Real Estate.