Tips for Home Selling November 9, 2019

Tips for Home Selling | Its All in the Details!

A Successful Sale – It’s All in the Details

A prompt sale and a successful closing requires close attention to the details at each stage of the home sale. This is especially important now as the local real estate market has cooled off some and, while it is still a seller’s market, buyers have more homes to choose from and multiple offers aren’t as common as they were last Spring.  Pay attention to the details and you will have success.

  1. Pre-Listing Inspection.
    By having a reputable inspector inspect your home prior to listing you will avoid negative surprises and can deal with any issues proactively. The benefits include: (1) the ability to control who does the repair, how & when it is done; 2) ability to get an estimate on a repair you don’t want to do so you can simplify the negotiation by disclosing it a provider who can fix it and the cost; and 3) no inspection surprises means no price reductions after you are in contract and happy buyers.

  3. Home Upgrade List.
    It is always helpful to have a list of upgrades that you have made to the home and the cost of those upgrades. This information will help the Buyer know why your home might be worth more then the competitor home and it also helps ensure that your home will appraise at the contracted value by providing the appraiser the same information to support the sale price.

  5. Home Features List.
    Most buyers walk through a home in 15-30 minutes and are trying to decide whether they want to buy and live in your home for years, it can be a daunting task. You and your Broker can really help them out by creating a feature list handout – by room or by area – so even if they miss something they have it after they leave your home.  This is sometimes combined with the upgrade list.

  7. Contract Tasks & Deadlines.
    Once you get into contract on a home there are very specific tasks that the seller and the buyer are required to do and key deadlines. A 1-page summary can be very helpful for everyone to manage the list and hit the deadlines – ensuring an on time closing.

  9. Moving Tasks.
    Doing what you can before you list your home such as getting rid of things you don’t want and starting the packing process can really help. Make sure you have a clear list of everything that needs to get done and by when, being sure to prioritize time sensitive services like selecting an estate sale representative or mover early in the process since they get booked up. This will really help decrease the stress of moving.

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