Home Tips for Seniors December 9, 2019

Home Tips for Seniors | Holiday Gift Ideas

Do you know a senior or have an aging parent who is planning on staying in their home? Here are some great gift ideas to help make their home safer, simpler and that will give you peace of mind too!

  1. Front Door Solutions.
    Products like the Nest and Ring video doorbells are a great way for a senior to talk to and see who is at the door without having to go to the door. It provides a safe way to screen who to open the door to and combined with an automated lock system, they can let someone in without ever going to the door. For added safety it can be combined with a security alarm system where others are notified if and as needed.

  3. New Hardware.
    You probably don’t think much about turning a doorknob, but it can actually be painful for someone with arthritis – simply replacing doorknobs with lever-style hardware can make life just a little bit easier. Faucets with knobs can be changed to levers or single-handed faucets and light switches can be swapped with illuminated rocker switches. Cabinets with pulls are also better then knobs that are harder to use and might catch on clothing.

  5. Automated Lights.
    When areas are well lit falls are less likely. Outdoor lights that automatically come on when it’s dark and indoor lights that are motion sensitive can make sure that the light is on when and where it is needed.

  7. New Windows.
    If they need any windows replaced consider getting easy-to-open slider windows (versus the push-&-pull windows), windows that have various patterns or tinting that offer privacy (so they don’t have to open/shut blinds or drapes) and low-maintenance window frames like vinyl that are simple to clean, more energy efficient and don’t require sanding & repainting.

  9. Bars & Railings.
    Provide support when you aren’t there by adding grab bars to the shower area, by the toilet, sturdy handrails on both sides of all staircases, and rails or grab bars in other places in the home where a helping hand might be needed.

  11. Organize things within easy reach.
    Cabinets with pull-outs or drawers provide easier storage in Kitchens. Microwaves that are counter height or the drawer style units make accessibility easier and reduce the chance of burns. Or simply spending time helping your senior reorganize to ensure that everything that is used on a regular basis is easy to reach eliminating the need for step stools or the potential for becoming unsteady as they reach for something overhead.


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