Home Maintenance February 9, 2020

Home Maintenance Tips | Show Your Home Some Love for Valentines Day

Love your home and it will love you! Here are some things you should do in the winter to keep your home (and you) healthy and happy.

Winter home maintenance tips.

  • Maximize Your Winter Heating.
    Reverse ceiling fans to run clockwise and push the heated air down. Wrap your hot water tank with an insulating blanket. Have your furnace inspected and serviced (if you haven’t already). Remove window screens – that will boost natural light and improves solar heat gain. Keep your fireplace flue closed when you are not using it.

  • Think About Safety.
    Check & replace batteries in smoke & carbon monoxide detectors – especially important as windows are closed tight, fireplaces are used and sometimes generators. Check your emergency supplies – not only do you want to be prepared if “the Big One/Earthquake” happens, but this will help you for winter storms & power outages.

  • Prepare Your Landscaping.
    It is a great time to clean up your garden beds & landscaping by trimming any dead tree limbs, removing debris, dead plants and weeds (make sure to get the roots) and filling up those empty yard recycling bids that aren’t filled with grass clippings. Add compost or manure to areas that need more moisture, replace/add mulch (1-3 inches) to help prevent Spring weeds & diseases.

  • Prepare for Remodeling Projects.
    Now is the time to think about remodeling projects for the summer or fall. By starting in the winter you can determine your budget, select a contractor, arrange for financing if needed, and make all of the component & color decisions you need to make in advance of the project start date. That will help keep your project on time, on budget, and you will have a better selection of contractors.

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