Home Maintenance Home Maintenance Tips: Cleaning out the garage so you can park your car in there again this Fall? Don't despair, our friends at Moving Link have a great list of recommendations for organizations that can help you get rid of unwanted items!  GET RID OF UNWANTED ITEMS – PUGET SOUND AREA 1 GREEN PLANET – FREE Recycling – Drop-off service for the public and free pick-up and removal for businesses. Electronics, appliances, scrap metal, […]
Tips for Home Selling Tips for Home Selling: Preparing your home for Sale? How much preparation should you do? Local home prices are continuing to appreciate, demand is high, and the supply of homes continues to be low – the perfect market for selling your home. So why not just put your home on the market “as is” at a high price and see what happens? Because the […]
Home Tips for Seniors Real Estate Transition : Downsize & Simplify Whether you want to move to a smaller home, smaller property, or you just want to simplify your life and reduce clutter, here are some tips and great local resources to help you achieve your goal. Where to start? Don’t try to do all of the rooms at once, it can be overwhelming and you might […]
Real Estate Transitions Why Local Expertise is Important Real estate is local and while it is good to know what is going on nationally and even regionally, what really matters if you are thinking about selling your home and/or buying one, is what is going on in your city and your neighborhood and even for your home style. Local expertise is invaluable in […]
Real Estate Transitions Tips for Home Selling | Selling During the Holidays Selling your home during the holidays means a  few extra things to keep in mind. Below are some tips on how to keep your holiday‐themed house buyer friendly and ready to sell! Holiday Decorations. Don’t go overboard they can make your home look cluttered and take attention away from it. Christmas Trees. Keep it small to medium size, […]
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