Real Estate Transitions

Real Estate Transitions Tips for Home Selling & Buying | Covid19 & Real Estate There is information overload as we all hunker down and observe the Washington State Stay Home, Stay Healthy Order (SHSHO) and the Federal Social Distancing Guidelines.  We thought it might be helpful to highlight some of the information related to the CARES Act and Staying in your Home and the latest rules related to Buying/Selling […]
Real Estate Transitions Tips for Home Selling | Will You Pay More or Less Excise Tax in 2020? If you are trying to decide whether to sell your home year or next, one of the variables you might want to consider and prepare for is the new 2020 Real Estate Excise Tax (REET). Currently the Washington state excise tax is 1.28% and then local municipalities add their excise tax on top of that, […]
Home Tips for Seniors Home Tips for Seniors : Should you Consider Lifestyle Rightsizing? Congratulations, you have made it to a key life milestone!  Unfortunately, you no longer need the spaces that your home is designed to support, so how do you find your next home?  Instead of just thinking you need to “downsize” consider the lifestyle you want now and then find a home that will help you […]
Real Estate Transitions Home Buying Tips : 6 Ways to Buy Before You Sell Your Home Many homeowners struggle with the timing of buying & selling homes in the current real estate market.  They don’t think they can or want to own 2 homes at the same time because they bought a home before selling their existing home or go though the stress & hassle associated with moving into temporary housing […]
Home Tips for Seniors Tips for Home Selling: 4 Things to Consider When Right-Sizing Is Right-sizing your New Year’s resolution? Perhaps you have recently experienced a significant event and now it feels like a good time to make a housing change that will help you simplify your surroundings and your life.  Right-sizing is a process but it is often triggered by a specific event or series of events and […]
Home Tips for Seniors Senior Transitions: Questions to ask when touring Facilities This is not an all-inclusive list of questions; but rather a great place to start when touring a new continuing or assisted living facility.  Keep in mind that different municipalities have different laws and requirements for senior facilities, so some questions may not be applicable. For more in-depth information, visit the Washington State human services […]
Home Tips for Seniors Real Estate Transition : Downsize & Simplify Whether you want to move to a smaller home, smaller property, or you just want to simplify your life and reduce clutter, here are some tips and great local resources to help you achieve your goal. Where to start? Don’t try to do all of the rooms at once, it can be overwhelming and you might […]
Real Estate Transitions Why Local Expertise is Important Real estate is local and while it is good to know what is going on nationally and even regionally, what really matters if you are thinking about selling your home and/or buying one, is what is going on in your city and your neighborhood and even for your home style. Local expertise is invaluable in […]
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