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Tips for Home Buying Conforming Loan Limits & Other Lending Tips Conforming Loan Limits – a number you need to know Unless you have excess cash available for real estate purchases, lending is an important component of purchasing a home.  Since the Conforming Loan limit for 2021 was recently announced, I thought it would be a good time to do a refresher on what you should […]
Tips for Home Selling Seller Tips | Don’t Make These Mistakes! There are several mistakes you can make as a seller that can cause you real harm – during or after the transaction. A good real estate broker will guide you through the process making sure you don’t make these mistakes. Seller Disclosure Blunders. When you fill out the Seller Disclosure (Form 17) you want to […]
Home Tips for Seniors Seller Tips Buying Before You Sell Interest rates have slipped below 3% for the first time on record so your buying power has increased, we continue to be short on inventory so it is a great time to sell, and after Staying Home so much recently, you are ready for your next home!  All of this means it is a great […]
Tips for Home Buying Tips for Home Buying & Selling | Multiple Offers – 3 Things You Should Do If you are a seller you want to encourage multiple offers and if you are a buyer in a multiple offer situation – you want to win.  Here are some tips for both! Sellers – You can Encourage Multiple Offers on your home by doing these 3 things Make A Great 1st Impression. Don’t come […]
Home Maintenance Staging Tips For Your Home Staging your home can make a big difference in how you feel about the spaces – it isn’t about spending money, it is about, paying attention to these key staging concepts. It also makes a big difference in how much you can sell your home for since less than 10% of buyers can visualize changes […]
Tips for Home Buying Home Selling & Buying Tips | Advantages & Disadvantages of Residential CC&Rs We are often asked by buyers whether it is good to purchase a home in a planned neighborhood that has an active Home Owners Association (HOA) with Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs). The answer is really dependent on your lifestyle and preferences.  Here are some of the common advantages and disadvantages that you should consider […]
Real Estate Transitions Tips for Home Selling & Buying | Covid19 & Real Estate There is information overload as we all hunker down and observe the Washington State Stay Home, Stay Healthy Order (SHSHO) and the Federal Social Distancing Guidelines.  We thought it might be helpful to highlight some of the information related to the CARES Act and Staying in your Home and the latest rules related to Buying/Selling […]
Home Maintenance Tips for Home Selling : Real Estate Rules You Should Know Everything can and should go smoothly with your real estate purchase or sale but sometimes it doesn’t.  If you are planning to buy or sell your home and you don’t think it matters who, if anyone, helps you – think again. The trends, rules and laws having to do with real estate change frequently which […]
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Tips for Home Selling Tips for Home Selling | Its All in the Details! A Successful Sale – It’s All in the Details A prompt sale and a successful closing requires close attention to the details at each stage of the home sale. This is especially important now as the local real estate market has cooled off some and, while it is still a seller’s market, buyers have more […]
Tips for Home Selling Tips for Home Selling | Halloween is Scary, Selling your Home Shouldn’t Be! An important consideration when selling your home is making sure that you pay attention to safety and security – your real estate broker should guide you on the specifics for your home.  However here are some steps that every seller can take to protect their home & family. Personal Information. You have been told to […]
Real Estate Transitions Tips for Home Selling | Will You Pay More or Less Excise Tax in 2020? If you are trying to decide whether to sell your home year or next, one of the variables you might want to consider and prepare for is the new 2020 Real Estate Excise Tax (REET). Currently the Washington state excise tax is 1.28% and then local municipalities add their excise tax on top of that, […]
Home Tips for Seniors Home Tips for Seniors : Should you Consider Lifestyle Rightsizing? Congratulations, you have made it to a key life milestone!  Unfortunately, you no longer need the spaces that your home is designed to support, so how do you find your next home?  Instead of just thinking you need to “downsize” consider the lifestyle you want now and then find a home that will help you […]
Tips for Home Selling Tips For Home Selling | Selling Homes With Pets We love our pets so make sure you minimize the stress of the home sale process on them and, at the same time, maximize your home sale price by managing their impact on your sale. Prior to listing Repair any damage done by your pet & remove pet odors. This could be replacing or painting […]
Luxury Homes Tips for Home Selling | Outdoor Features That Attract Buyers A well designed outdoor area can make your home feel larger by creating an outdoor living space to compliment your indoor space.  Take note of the homes listed on the MLS that are high-end or just feel high-end and many of them have twilight photos and/or photos of outdoor areas that help you imagine summers […]
Equestrian Home Sales Tips Tips For Home Selling: 5 Marketing Tips for Selling Equestrian Properties When you go to sell your home that has a unique selling feature – such as an equestrian property – make sure that your home is staged to sell this lifestyle feature and the marketing information is designed to sell to the buyers that want this feature. Lifestyle Marketing Literature & Feature Sheet You are […]
Tips for Home Selling Tips for Home Selling: 5 Staging Tips To Maximize Your Sales Price National statistics show that staged homes sell for 7% higher than homes that aren’t staged.  This is because staged homes sell in less time and are more likely to have multiple offers. Here are 5 staging tips to maximize your sales price. Clean & Crisp.Whether your home is updated or not, people want to move […]
Luxury Homes Tips for Home Selling: 3 Ways to Attract The Luxury Home Buyer If you’d like to sell your home for a luxury price you need to market it to luxury home buyers.  Here are 3 strategies that will differentiate your home to luxury buyers and maximize your sales price. 1. Market Value & Lifestyle. Don’t market the features of your home such as the number of beds […]
Tips for Home Selling Home Selling Tips | 4 Ways To Make Your Home Stand Out From The Crowd Its all over the news that the local real estate market is slowing down – whether it really is for your home and neighborhood is something you should talk to your Broker about.  The economic forces of supply & demand vary not only by city but by neighborhood, home style, and home condition. In a […]
Home Tips for Seniors Tips for Home Selling: 4 Things to Consider When Right-Sizing Is Right-sizing your New Year’s resolution? Perhaps you have recently experienced a significant event and now it feels like a good time to make a housing change that will help you simplify your surroundings and your life.  Right-sizing is a process but it is often triggered by a specific event or series of events and […]
Tips for Home Selling Tips For Home Selling: 5 Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays Make sure you pay attention to these 5 tips to make sure your home sale during the holidays is a success.  Warm & Cozy. The holidays are about home & family so pay attention to your buyer’s experience when they arrive at your home. Help them feel welcome by having the heat up when they […]