Rentals & Temporary Housing

Temporary Housing. 
If you are out of area and would like to rent, or need temporary housing while you look for a new home or wait for your new home to be built, here are some good resources for you.  We are not leasing agents, nor do we manage properties for our investors, but we are always willing to help out a friend or client as needed.  We have also managed our own investment rental properties so we are happy to give advice based upon our personal experience as a landlord.

Rental Websites That Might Be Helpful

Corporate Housing/Short-Term Rentals

Vacation Rentals

VRBO Puget Sound Area

Tips – What To Consider Before Looking For a Rental Property

  • Monthly Rental Allowance – Look at monthly rental rates combined with utilities – electricity, water, garbage, sewer, and yard maintenance. Ask what is included in the rent so you can compare rates across properties.
  • Be Prepared –  We are currently short on rental inventory – so you may need to make a decision and apply quickly.(1) Have funds available for rental application, security deposit and potentially first and last month’s rent.(2) Have your last two addresses, landlord contact information, and government issued ID readily available (it helps to have a copy already made of it).
  • Distressed Property in your Past?  Know your credit score and if you have a problem – disclose it upfront.  We are seeing a lot of people who are renting because they can’t buy right now after a foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy.  Tell the property manager up front (don’t waste your application fee if the owner won’t consider you at all), explain why you were in the distressed situation and why you can afford to make rent payments now when you couldn’t/didn’t make mortgage payments in the past.  You need to answer the question “Why should a landlord be willing to take a risk on you as a tenant