Tips For Home Selling: 5 Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

Make sure you pay attention to these 5 tips to make sure your home sale during the holidays is a success. 

  1. Warm & Cozy. The holidays are about home & family so pay attention to your buyer’s experience when they arrive at your home. Help them feel welcome by having the heat up when they come in from the cold, greet them with holiday scents of fresh baked cookies and apple cider or cocoa, have your gas fireplace going and all of the lights on.

  3. Move-in Ready. People moving during the holidays don’t want to have to do projects during Christmas break. Have your home pre-inspected, all major or health & safety items repaired, and make sure it is sparkling clean – so all they have to do is Move In!

  5. Market What Buyers Can’t See. Do you have a beautiful garden – put out pictures that show how it looks in bloom in the summer. Do you have a great view when it isn’t raining – post a picture next to the window where you would see it. Do you live next to a great trail system, park, lake, etc. have a feature card that tells buyers about it.

  7. Holiday Decorations – Go ahead and decorate – but focus on emphasizing the beauty of your home. Lights to show off the roof line or outdoor area, a tree in that perfect spot in the house with a super high ceiling, etc. Don’t go overboard with holiday decorations – they make it look cluttered and take attention away from your home. Don’t be political, limit or avoid personal or religious decorations, remember that you want your home to appeal to people of all backgrounds and beliefs and they need to be able to see themselves in your home – not you.

  9. Safety – Make sure your driveway & walk ways a clear of snow, ice or debris and your outside lights are on. Do not display your holiday gifts – pack them away in a box or out of site.  Make sure all your windows & doors are locked after showings.

Now be prepared to move to your new home and enjoy your holiday!

Real Estate Corner (Article published in the Woodinville Weekly 11/28/17 edition)

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Tips for Home Selling | Selling During the Holidays

Selling your home during the holidays means a 
few extra things to keep in mind. Below are some tips on how to keep your holiday‐themed house buyer friendly and ready to sell!

  • Holiday Decorations. Don’t go overboard they can make your home look cluttered and take attention away from it.
  • Christmas Trees. Keep it small to medium size, large Christmas trees can make a room look smaller. As can a ton of presents under the tree and too much garland everywhere.
  • Vacuum: Make sure you vacuum regularly if you have a fresh tree with fallen needles.
  • Refrigerator. Keep refrigerators neat and tidy (we all get lots of food gifts during the holidays)… buyers will look inside.
  • Outside Decorations: Be careful with outside decorations. Large santas and reindeer can take away from the beauty of the yard or the front of your home. Same with excessive amounts of holiday lights.
  • Curb Appeal: Rake the lawn regularly to clean up the large amounts of fallen leaves. Pick up any fallen branches and debris from yard and walkways. Keep up a lawn care as much as possible.
  • Ice & Snow. Knock down any large icicles forming over doorways and walkways. Make sure your walkway is snow and ice free. If it’s still slippery, pour salt on your walkway to help buyers safely to your door.
  • Limited Light: Remember it gets dark sooner, so be sure to keep lots of lights on inside and out. Make sure all outdoor lights are working properly. Make sure your back yard is easily lit at night. Buyers want to be able to see the entire property.
  • Towel/Dormats: Keep a towel or extra doormat inside your front door for guests to fully dry their shoes before exploring your home. Or have a sign that requests that they take them off.
  • Heat: If you have a programmable thermostat, remember to change it if you will have showings during the day while it would normally be set very low. You don’t want buyers thinking the house is an ice box.  You want people to enjoy spending time in your home.
  • Hand Sanitiser: With flu seasons around, place a bottle of hand sanitizer by the front door for guests to use on the way in and as they leave.  Or place it by the flyer box.
  • Scents: Add holiday scents with mulled cider on the stovetop or by using fresh cinnamon sticks and evergreen as decorations. (Make sure you shake out the evergreen ahead of time to get out any bugs that have made it their home).  There are also holiday scented diffusers.
  • Keep it Cozy" Create a warm and cozy environment by lighting a fire, using candles and having fresh baked cookies and hot cocoa ready for buyers during open houses.
  • Reduce your stress: Keep in mind that hosting during the holidays can take a lot of prep and clean up time. It might be a good idea to pass it to someone else this year or request extra help to get your place back to showing condition. Also remember, buyers look in all rooms so if you have people staying with you over the holidays, make sure they are keeping their room tidy and keep the suitcases in the closet if possible.
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