Tips for Staying Happy During Covid19

General Tips for Surviving & Thriving under SHSH Order

Tips for Staying Home, Healthy and Happy during Covid19 SHSHO

We are all trying to adjust to a new daily routine during the Washington Stay Home, Stay Healthy Order (SHSHO) and we thought we’d share our tips on how to survive and even thrive during this time.

There is comfort in a routine, whether you are working from home or figuring out how to spend time when you would normally have been working, at school, or doing something else regularly. It is important that you develop a new routine that works for you and your family. There is comfort in predictability and knowing that you have control over what you do at home and it will make returning to “regular life” much easier.

  • Create a schedule. A schedule will help you get needed things done and give you permission to do things you want to do without feeling guilty. We have all been given the gift of more time at home – don’t waste it and later wonder what you did the last couple of days, weeks, months!  Get things done and make time to enjoy yourself!
  • Stay Physically Healthy. Get up and move – just because we are staying home doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be moving! There are plenty of workouts online if you need ideas, you can go out and work in your yard, go for walks or bike rides around your neighborhood, use that exercise equipment that has gotten dusty over the years – there are plenty of things you can do to keep yourself healthy while observing the Social Distancing guidelines.  Now more than ever, we want to stay healthy so if you do catch Covid19, your body is as healthy as possible to combat this virus on its own.
  • Stay Mentally Healthy. You have heard the phrase Attitude is Everything – it is especially true when we are dealing with change.  Change can be frightening but it can also be exhilarating.  Stay educated about the latest info related to Covid19 – but don’t spend all your time thinking about it. Be thankful for what you have, be grateful for the service of those you know and don’t know, take advantage of the gift of time to do things you with those you love and things you never had time to do, and take time to help others, however you can.  Embrace technology and be more social then normal – make phone calls to check in, schedule Zoom calls to celebrate birthdays, have Google Hangout parties to laugh, there are many ways to be social while observing the social distancing guidelines.
  • Learn Something New. There are lots of books or online classes that are free or you can purchase. Take up a new hobby, improve your skills for a hobby you love,  learn a  skill that will make you more marketable in your current job or the one you plan to apply for when we can all go back to work, learn how to save money by creating or fixing something at home yourself  (there is a YouTube video for many DIY projects), learn how to manage the money you have, or just take the time to set goals and develop plans for your future.
  • Appreciate Essential Businesses. We are grateful to everyone who is working for an essential business right now – especially all the Healthcare Providers on the front lines of this Pandemic! We know that you are probably working harder than you have ever worked and, in many cases, putting yourself at risk in order to provide service to others THANK YOU! Everyone please take the time to thank these people who are your family members, friends, neighbors and those wonderful people that are providing service directly to you.  In addition – please respect their hard work and sacrifice by doing what we can to flatten the curve by staying home and social distancing!

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